Maffren - Canteperdrix

Maffren offers a large range of candies:

  • Calissons
  • Nougats
  • Marzipan
  • Caramels
  • Sugar cooked candies

Well-representative products of French Confectionery and the traditions of Provence.
Products range change in time to adapt itself to consumers taste, keeping at the same time a know-how well implanted in tradition.

Products are present in France on different distribution network:

  • Retailing (bakeries, pastry shops, candy shops, chocolate makers, grocery stores, delicatessens…)
  • Specialized shops (museums shops, garden center, souvenirs shop, minimarkets in the mountains…)
  • Coffee shops, Hotels, Restaurants
  • Export

Fabrication à l'ancienne


Created after war by Daniel Maffren, the Maffren company settles down in the village of Poët in the 1950s, in the premises of a chocolate factory.
In this period, the factory was producing calissons and nougat of Provence and it is in the 80s when the company acquires the brand Verger du Roy, producing marzipan and which was transferred on the factory in the village Le Poët.

Exploited until 1990 by Jean Queyrel, the company crosses a difficult period and is acquired by Étienne Dolfi in 1995; current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company Maffren.
Maffren counts today about fifty full-time employees and around thirty seasonal workers in period of the end of year.