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The history of nougat goes back a long way: nougat was present in Provence, one of the 13 traditional Christmas desserts!
The greatest legend concerning its origin goes back to the 17th century and tells how the nougat name comes from the French expression “tu nous gates” (you spoil us). Soft or hard, black or white, with almonds, pistachios or hazelnuts… there are multiple nougat recipes, each more succulent than the others!
Canteperdrix has successfully preserved the confectioners’ know-how so that today still the brand combines honey and almonds to produce nougats rooted in the Provencal tradition.

A delicious mixture of honey, sugar, egg white meringue and noble ingredients like almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts depending on the recipe.

Highest quality: rigorously selected ingredients to produce high-quality products.

Different recipes:

  • plain
  • vanilla
  • pistachio
  • raspberry… nougats

Different shapes:

  • bars
  • boxes
  • individually wrapped
  • bare or wrapped dominos
  • Easter eggs
  • etc.