Les cerises

Les zigotos, les fruits rigolos !

Pomme pâte d'amandes candie

La boîte modelage

Père noël et bonhomme de neige candie

Sucettes fruits

Les animaux de la forêt

Les viennoiseries

La boite triangle

La boîte métal

La boite 9 pommes candie

Background Frame


Quality products thanks to carefully selected and controlled ingredients.
Discover our colourful marzipan figures in different and varied colours and shapes that will thrill your taste buds!
Verger du Roy (the “King’s orchard”), marzipan specialist in France will take you into a world of flavours and delicacies!

Wide range of flavour-rich luscious products made with a high-quality marzipan

Handmade figures for carefully laid out decorations: each product is handmade and meticulously hand-painted for an optimal result

Wide assortment of products and a very extensive range on various themes: fruit, vegetables, sea, seasonal subjects, animals, pastries, etc.

Different sizes of products to suit the customer’s end use: product for compositions, small gifts, decoration, sweet snacks, etc.

Appropriate packaging:

  • loose
  • hamper
  • tray
  • selection set
  • strip
  • individual packaging
  • etc.

In-house printing: can customize the sweet’s wrapping and the label on your sweet bag.

More than 20 window displays prepared every year based on specific themes.
Specific recipes developed on demand to suit regional characteristics (verbena sweets, Plougastel strawberry sweets, absinthe sweets, etc.)