• Calissons

    The Canteperdrix calisson is made of a sweet mixture of almonds and candied fruits (melon and orange peels). This surprising small white lozenge with a soft core is covered with a delicious royal icing available in differents colors.
  • Marzipan

    In its recipes Verger du Roy has respected fine age-old culinary traditions all the while adapting to the tastes of modern consumers: varied colors and designs made from delicious almond paste (33% and 39% almonds).
  • Nougats

    Nougat of Provence is made of a tasty mixture of honey, sugar, beaten egg whites and noble ingredients such as almonds and pistachios. Many recipes and varied shapes make up our wide range of Canteperdrix products.
  • Caramels

    Our caramel Henriet is a soft caramel, made with fresh products as butter, fresh cream but also sugar and glucose syrup . Our range proposes various flavors like coffee, chocolate, vanilla, praline...
  • Sweets

    Our candies represents differents shapes and colors; flavours acidulated which will look back to you on your childhood! From violet flavour frosted to slices orange and lemon flavour to the perlettes flavour blueberry, raspberry, honey a wide available choice.


Maffren offers a large range of candies: Calissons, Nougats, Marzipan, Caramels, Sugar cooked candies. Well-representative products of French Confectionery and the traditions of Provence.Read more


The manufacturing of calissons, nougats and marzipans remains unchanged since the creation of the company: the company wants to protect the home-made process.Read more

Our brands

The company MAFFREN is represented under various brands according to the products and distribution channels concerned: Canteperdrix - Maître Confiseur, Canteperdrix, Confiserie des Alpes, Confiserie du léman, Verger du Roy.Read more